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Australia’s commercial solar solutions. World leading partners.

Our solution to spiralling energy costs is simple. We make generating your own power from your own rooftop affordable and reliable by partnering with industry leaders known for their technology, quality and after sale service.

Here’s your empowering solar solution, Australia.

SunEnergy sets the standard with Solar PV solutions. From industry-leading quality tech across Panels, Inverters and Batteries, you’re empowered by online App or PC monitoring with real-time fault alerts. Plus accredited local installation with technical support, online and onsite.

Our primary panel partner, GCL is the only renewable energy manufacturer with over 25 years’ history. The world’s largest polysilicon manufacturer, GCL supplies 30% of the world’s polysilicon and 60% of China market. In fact, GCL supply most Tier 1 panel manufacturers with the polysilicon used in their cells.

Goodwe and SMA provide our industry leading Inverter products. Goodwe is an emerging enterprise, funded by world renowned electronics company JXT – a major supplier to Apple and Samsung. Whilst SMA has helped hundreds of thousands of people produce and consume clean energy, independently.

Collaboratively, we’re empowering industries across Australia to transition to a self-sufficient energy supply. Businesses, productively empowered!

GCL PV Solar Panels

  • No.1 Silicon and Wafer manufacturer in the world
  • No.1 Renewable Energy Manufacturer in the world
  • Trusted wafer provider for companies like: Trina, Canadian, Yingli, Csun, Jinko, JA, Suntech and more
  • The ONLY renewable energy manufacturer with over 25 years of history
  • First to launch 275w Polycrystalline module in Australia
  • True Vertical integration: Silicon, wafer, cell and module manufacturer
  • World leading ‘Swiss Re’ module insurance with full cover and Re-Insurance
  • Outstanding Bankability

Goodwe Inverter

  • Solar industry leading Inverter technology
  • 10 safety measures
  • IP65 Dust and Water proof
  • Fanless – Low Noise
  • Lowest Start up Voltage
  • Online monitoring and fault reporting
  • Zero Export Control

SMA Inverter

  •  World renowned solar inverter producer
  • Secure plug-and-play installation
  • Fast and easy commissioning via integrated webserver
  • System data can be monitored on all smartphones and tablets
  • Choose between local and online monitoring via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places
  • Factory-integrated Ethernet and WLAN interface

Commercial Panels, Inverters & Battery Storage solutions, ALL HERE.

Supplied. Installed. Connected. Empowered.

SunEnergy will supply and install high quality Solar Panels, Inverters and Solar Batteries. With approved finance, your 25 Year warrantied SunEnergy solar system will be installed by certified and accredited electrical technicians. Friendly and informative service helps empower you with risk-free assurance and peace of mind.

Commercially Trusted Brands

You can tell a brand by the company it keeps. And SunEnergy’s partners are world class leaders.

SunEnergy’s Rent or Lease to Own

Local Customer Support

Customised Solutions

A SunEnergy Solar Consultant will work with you to discover exactly how you use your energy to plan and design the right solar system for your business’s use and needs.

Finance Qualification

Our friendly financial consultants will check your eligibility and establish a 3 to 7 year repayment plan that’s comfortably affordable for your company’s projections.


Highly experienced, certified and accredited Clean Energy Council technicians will install your system with care and precision. Then, they’ll take time to run through the basics of the system with you and answer any questions.

Empowered Savings

You’ll save on energy costs from day one. Your electricity bills will become lighter and, as electricity prices go up, so will your capital savings.

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