Are Solar Storage Systems Effective?

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Solar Storage Systems

Solar power is the clean energy solution Australians love! With numerous ecological and financial benefits, solar is becoming the number one choice for homeowners and businesses alike. However, there is a lot of chat out there regarding solar storage systems, and whether implementing a form of battery is effective. At SunEnergy, we think that storage systems are awesome, and here is why.


Only getting better

Like TVs, fridges and cars, as time goes on, the technological advancements being made every day are making these products more efficient. The same goes for solar storage. The technology for making the batteries is getting better every day, and as time goes on, these will become cheaper and will be able to store more power. The storage systems already have amazing capabilities, but as time goes on, the use of these storage systems will become more common.


Commercial industries

When it comes to blackouts, storage systems are an amazing alternative that will not leave you trapped in the dark. This has amazing effects on certain industries. Businesses that deal in perishable items can lose thousands of dollars worth of stock through a blackout, but with a solar contingency, you will not be affected


Similarly, health services that rely on backup generators have seen numerous tragic cases with failed life support in a blackout. With an adequate solar storage system, hospitals will be able to sustain the most vital technology through constant power at all hours.


Size of systems

To get the most efficiency from a solar storage system, you need to consider the size of your system and how much power it can store. This affects the effectiveness of a storage system, as a smaller system may not generate enough power to have excess stored during the evening. Generally speaking, you will need at least a 5kwh system to ensure that you generate enough power to store for a regular residential property with a medium sized family. So to maximise the efficiency of a storage system, ensure that your entire solar system is up to speed!



The whole benefit of a storage system is the continued use of solar power even when the sun is down. This effectiveness will be emphasised with a large solar storage system as it will save you from having to return to the grid to get power at night time. Some homeowners put their appliances on timers to utilise the sun when it is up, however it isn’t always possible, and you will need some power at night time regardless. So, if you are storing solar power for the night, you will save money in the long run!


Solar storage systems are in fact useful, both financially, and ecologically. Whether you are a regular homeowner or a large commercial business who needs this failsafe, give the team at SunEnergy a call to organise your new solar  storage system!