Is a 5kw solar system right for me?

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Which solar system is right for me?

You might be researching which solar system will be the best fit for your home. If you are, you will notice a common suggested system will be the 5kw system. With the huge variety of systems available, and a number of different suggestions out there, it can be difficult decipher all the information out there regarding solar. To determine whether a 5kw system is what you are after, there are a few things you need to consider.


If you are considering a battery storage system to work in cohesion with your new solar system, you will need at least a 5kw system to generate enough power. The solar storage system works by taking the excess power you receive during the day and storing it for use at night. This prevents you from having to constantly go back to the grid to receive power and therefore saves you money in the long run.

Home Size

If you are not looking into battery storage systems, the size of your home both physically, and with a number of residents, will affect what size system is best for you. Financial situations and power efficiency effect which size system you select, if you have a minimal budget, you may choose a smaller system, however, if you want to spend a bit more and get the maximum efficiency, you may be inclined to select a slightly larger system. However all of this is subjective, and with a consultation from a SunEnergy professional, you will be able to determine whether the 5kw system suits your living situation.

Electricity Use

Different homes use electricity in different ways. For example, if you use more than the common household because you work from home or have a system that requires excess electricity, you will consequently need at least a 5kw system. This usage is also affected depending on the time of day that you use your electrical appliances. Like the storage systems mentioned above, some users counteract this by setting their appliances to operate during the daylight hours. However, this isn’t consistently possible, as you will be cooking and entertaining in the evening hours at some point. If you are satisfied with this, you can use a smaller system.

Although it is good to be conscious of these three aspects, the best way to determine whether a 5kw system will work for you is to contact an experienced professional. The team at SunEnergy will be able to give you the best advice available regarding solar system sizes and efficiency. Request a free quote online today!