How does SunEnergy’s PAYS solar finance system work?

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SunEnergy’s PAYS solar finance system – How does it work?


What if we told you that you could switch to solar power for absolutely zero upfront cost? Well, with SunEnergy, we have taken solar finance to a whole new level. We want everyone to enjoy solar and have designed this system so that the renewable energy enthusiasts don’t have to worry about having the budget to switch to solar.

This pay-as-you-save system, or PAYS, is a great way to get more people around the country utilising the sun’s energy for vast environmental and financial gains. Wondering exactly how this works? Don’t worry; we can break it down.


No deposit

Once you have contacted SunEnergy, we will determine how big your system needs to be during the consultation phase. Once a payment plan has been agreed upon, the installation process will start. It is that simple; you don’t need to fork out for a deposit, and therefore you don’t need huge financial backing to start your solar journey. Without an upfront cost, we have seen more and more Australians using PAYS as this solar finance system is appealing to so many Australians trying to do the right thing!


Pay with your savings

The payments you make on your system for the preceding years are calculated by the amount you stand to save on your quarterly electricity bills. Therefore if you are able to pay your electricity bill before installing solar, you will be able to pay off your system. Depending on the size or the system, your home, and your energy consumption, the instalments will differ, however in the vast majority of cases we have seen, property owners are able to pay off their systems.


Residential and Commercial

No matter what your property may be, whether it is a business or a home, you can utilise this system. Businesses with daytime operating hours are reaping the benefits of this finance system, as they are less likely to retrieve a large amount of power from the grid. In some commercial instances, we have seen complete solar systems paid off in as little as two years. This means that some properties are reaping the savings within a couple of years.


Enjoy Solar without paying

Finally, the way this system is organised means that Australians can utilise solar power without paying a cent. Before your first instalment is paid, you will have a consultation, installation and have your system activated before having to make any payments to SunEnergy.


SunEnergy’s unique PAYS system is the next step in solar finance. Being able to implement solar power without incredibly deep pockets. If you want to make the switch, and want to implement a PAYS system, Give the team at SunEnergy a call and start your solar journey today.