Three things to know about solar inverters in Queensland

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A solar power system is comprised of many working parts, all of which must work together to ensure that when you flick that light switch, the lights actually come on. Arguably the most important part of this entire system is the solar inverter. Many homeowners in Queensland think that a solar system is just the panels, but the inverter is the sole reason you have power in your home.


When it comes to inverters, we want to inform you and tell you the three most important things that the team at SunEnergy think you should know about this core component of your solar system.



The role of solar inverters in Queensland is a pivotal one. The inverter takes the direct current that is collected in the solar panels and turns it into an alternating current (what you use in your home). It then delivers this power to your appliances throughout your house or business as you use them. Solar inverters are also responsible for delivering the unused power back into the electrical grid, and therefore acts as a crossroad for all of the energy collected in your panels. Without an inverter, your panels would be useless, so this handy little box that sits on the side of your home is crucial to your solar power consumption.



There are two main types of solar inverters that are readily available, and it is essential to understand the difference. Firstly, there is the stand-alone solar inverter. This inverter is the most popular option available and is present in the vast majority of solar systems. Its simple nature and easy application make it preferable for basic systems with medium energy demands.


The second is a system of microinverters. Microinverters are individually installed on the underside of each panel. When the direct current is collected by the panels, it is converted to alternating current instantaneously. Therefore this option produces more AC, but the installation of these inverters is slightly more costly.



Like any technological component found in your home, there is a multitude of different brands and models varying in price significantly. Commonly speaking, the more you pay, the more efficiency you get with your inverter. Some products that have additional capabilities will have you digging deeper into your pockets, but with solar finance and SunEnergy, anything is possible. To get accurate quotes on a solar system with a particular inverter in Queensland, you should call the team at SunEnergy. They will be able to take your budget into account to determine which brand and make of inverter best suit your overall needs.


For any other questions you have about inverters, or to inquire about pricing and solar finance in Queensland give the team at SunEnergy a call and organise a quote.