How will I keep my solar panels clean?

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar power is simple – when the sun is up you are generating power. However, it is easy to think that once you have panels installed, that is it, and the panels will continue to operate well for the duration of their life. This is possible, but it will take some TLC on your part. One thing homeowners don’t consider is how the cleanliness of your solar panels affects their output. It may sound tedious to be up on your roof cleaning solar panels consistently, but there are things to look out for, and services available that can help you with this task of solar panel cleaning.

Decreased output

Although it might not seem like much, a bit of dust covering your solar panels can dramatically affect your system. The panels will not be able to absorb the maximum amount of sun, and therefore the energy travelling to your inverter will be minimised. Therefore, solar panel cleaning is one of the key components to the maximum efficiency of your solar system. If you have experienced a windy few days, or have done work in the yard, dust, dirt and grime could end up on your panels. So to ensure the most power possible, look at your panels now and then and see how clean they really are.

Cleaning Businesses

If you have decided you need to start some solar panel cleaning, there are professional services available to help with the process. To save yourself from getting on the roof, there are individual companies all through Australia that specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of solar panels. By employing this service, you can ensure that professionals will be thorough and efficient in returning your system to its former state. Undertaking cleaning like this regularly will also ensure the longevity of the system, as it will work at its maximum output for longer.

To avoid minimum output, a combination of a SunEnergy’s monitoring system to highlight when your system isn’t performing, and professional cleaning services will not only ensure you are getting the most solar power possible, but it will also help your system last for longer.

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