Will my solar panels work during a power outage?

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In Brisbane, and Australia as a whole, we aren’t strangers to a temperamental blackout. These can happen for a number of reasons; storms, maintenance and technical faults – all leaving you powerless and stranded in the dark.

Although solar power has incredible financial and environmental benefits, a common misconception is that solar panels in Brisbane provide you with security during blackouts.


While this can be the case with a specific system fail-safes, commonly speaking, solar power will not work during the blackout, and here is why!



Put simply; a solar power system will not work during a blackout for technical and safety reasons. Technically, in the hours where there isn’t consistent sunlight, you still retrieve your power through the traditional means. Similarly, the way that the majority of solar systems work is using monitoring and inverter devices that adjust the efficiency of the panels accordingly. Without this (as in the case of a blackout, it will be rendered useless) you can experience an array of electrical issues in your home.


With safety, a blackout will require immediate maintenance from the local electrical teams. For example, if you live in Brisbane, and there is a blackout, the way your solar system is connected will mean that you are directly feeding excess power back into the system. While electricity is running on the grid, electricians and technicians cannot safely work in the failed areas, and therefore they shut down solar systems in the area.


Although this might sound painful, there is still a way you can use solar power in a blackout.



Solar batteries are one of the exciting new technologies that are once again turning solar power into a more consistent energy choice. Consequently, they are an option for people looking to have protection against blackouts. Depending on the size of your system or the power demands of the building, you will need a certain type of battery to have ample power stores to revert to.


Battery systems take the excess solar power generated throughout the day, and rather than delivering it back to the grid; they use it to charge the battery system. When the sun is down, or electricity is cut, and your panels do not work, a solar battery system can continue to give you power for a period of time. This is one way to get around the blackout issue here in Australia. While some organisations purchase large backup generators, you can count on solar batteries to help you get over the line.


For more information on the inner workings of solar panels during a blackout in Brisbane, or about how much a battery system will cost, give the team at SunEnergy a call for a chat. The solar experts have all the know-how to keep the power supply on for as long as possible.