Will a solar power system actually save me money?

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So you’re thinking about solar power in Brisbane? Great! At Sun Energy we love all things solar and genuinely believe in the environmental benefits of preserving fossil fuels. A renewable energy source that can continue to contribute to a cleaner and healthier Australian environment, the use of solar power is increasing every day.


One consideration about solar power, which is often neglected, is the financial capabilities of renewable energy. Solar power can actually save you money. In 2018, there are a few ways this can happen, all of which make the idea of solar power all the more enticing for the public thinking about it. Whether it is with or without solar batteries in Brisbane, the potential is there!



Renewable energy certificates (or RECs), are a kind of virtual currency that is allocated to homeowners who have a solar system. Based on the size of the system, and how much excess solar power is being delivered back into the grid, you could be entitled to a particular number of certificates. Commonly, your solar retailer would allocate you a specific number RECs that can be sold to retailers for financial gain.


Most of the time the retailer offers to buy these RECs for a discounted system size in the initial stages of your solar journey. This system was implemented by the federal government in an attempt to reach the renewable energy target of 2020. If you have an energy system already, ask your solar retailer about these RECs!


Decreased Energy Bills

A prominent benefit of a solar energy system is the significant decrease you’ll see on your energy bills in Brisbane. By scheduling your electrical appliances to operate during the daylight hours, your utility bills will be reduced. This is the core financial benefit of a solar power system, and if you use solar power batteries, during the evening hours, you can still use your solar power without retrieving electricity from the grid, therefore decreasing your bills even more.


Retailer Feed-in Tariffs

Formerly, there were government feed-in tariffs that reimbursed solar users for every kilowatt of solar power the fed back into the electrical grid. However, unless your system was installed before 2011, this is no longer available.


There still is a feed-in tariff provided by your solar retailer and is often taken off of your electricity bill periodically. The rates differ, however, you can expect to get at least 6 cents per kilowatt. Although this may not seem like much, the amount that it accumulates to over the lifespan of your solar system will save you money!


So, yes, there are ways that you can save money by having a solar power system in Brisbane. If you’re thinking that a solar system might be the answer for you due to these financial gains, give the team at Sun Energy a call and request a quote! The industry professionals know about everything solar and can tell you how much you stand to save with the system. Alternatively, check out the solar calculator online today!