Will a solar system add value to my Brisbane home?

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Solar Power Brisbane – How it can improve your home value

The implementation of a solar panel system is excellent for so many reasons. However, when you are making this commitment you want to know that if push comes to shove, and you have to sell your home for whatever reason, that the solar investment will be reflected in the value of your home. At SunEnergy we know that changes to your solar system in Brisbane can be daunting for this reason, but we are here to tell you that in the vast majority of cases, a functioning solar system will, in fact, add value to your home.


Guaranteed Financial Benefits

Prospective home buyers are about to make one of, if not the, biggest investment of their life. Although they would be looking for bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces, they will also be looking at the ongoing costs of the particular property. Whether it is maintenance, building work or bills, homeowners want to know how much they will have to spend to keep the home up to scratch. When it comes to solar panels, homeowners will know that their power bills will be lower if the panels are continuously maintained. This is exceptionally enticing. If you are a homeowner already, and install this system, you can similarly reap this benefit, which will be directly transferred to the next owner.


Environmentally Friendly

With dramatic changes to the environment and increased carbon emissions, a home with a renewable energy system is preferable to many environmentally conscious Brisbane homeowners. A solar system doesn’t just add financial value to your home, but also moral. A commitment to clean power is precisely what some people are after, and a solar system is just that. With the preservation of fossil fuels, and decreased emissions from your home, not only are you doing your part to help the environment, so is whoever lives there next.


If you are a homeowner, who is thinking about the prospect of potentially selling your home down the line, you should still consider installing solar panels. Through payment systems, such as SunEnergy’s Pay As You Save program (PAYS), solar systems are easier to pay off. With the money that you are consequently saving through minimised electricity bills, you will be able to pay off the system without a significant upfront cost. Therefore, adding a solar system that can increase the value of your Brisbane home is an easy and low-cost option.


They may not be the overall deciding factor, and depending on your location the value might be unaffected, but solar panels are still a smart investment. If the young environmentally conscious couple is looking for a home, you or your home might just be received a higher value. As a result, solar panels should be considered by everyone.


If you are unsure how much this might cost, or want to inquire about the PAYS program, give the team at SunEnergy in Brisbane a call and organise a free quote today!