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GoodWe is a global leader in producing solar products, more commonly famous for their inverters. You can find their inverters in all corners of the globe across 80 countries. With over 2,000 staff situated in 15 countries they are rated the No.1 inverter globally by Wood Mackenzie in 2020.

GoodWe is also dedicated to providing homeowners, commercial and industrial customers with cutting-edge storage solutions to help manage electricity costs. They are committed to delivering reliable solutions that maximize self-consumption, keep power running during outages, provide smart home power management, and enable energy independence.

These batteries that can be connected directly to hybrid inverters or to on-grid inverters with the use of an AC retrofit inverter. These batteries are designed to help with self-consumption, peak shaving, and providing backup for essential loads.

GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage solutions manufacturer
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