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If you can pay your electricity bill, you can afford solar with P.A.Y.S.

Our ‘Pay As You Save’ program has opened the door for so many more homes and businesses to go solar without the stress of large deposits and high repayments.

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How the P.A.Y.S. Solar System works

Our Pay As You Save program in a nutshell, is the reason you and many others can finally afford to switch to clean, free solar energy.
With no money upfront or out of pocket cost.

Local Customer Support

Customised Solutions

A SunEnergy Solar Consultant will work with you to discover exactly how you use your energy to plan and design the right solar system for your family and home.

Finance Qualification

Our friendly financial consultants will check your eligibility and establish a finance repayment plan that’s comfortably affordable for your household.


Highly experienced, certified and accredited Clean Energy Council technicians will install your system with care and precision. Then, they’ll take time to run through the basics of the system with you and answer any questions.

Empowered Savings

You’ll save money from day one. Your electricity bill will become lighter and, as electricity prices go up, so will your savings.

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What our customers say

SunEnergy have helped everyday Australians just like you.

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Why choose SunEnergy?

Proudly Australian
Proudly Australian

We are all about making solar more than just a dream for everyday Australians – we make solar achievable and most importantly, affordable. We’ve already helped many Australians across the country get off the electricity price escalator… and onto clean, free solar.

Pay As You Save Finance

PAY As You Save Finance

With P.A.Y.S., what you’re already spending on power bills, helps pay for your system. What you save on your electricity bill covers your monthly repayments so you’re cash flow positive from day one. Once it’s completely paid off all the savings are yours.

Environmentally Aware

Environmentally Aware

Solar is clean energy. Our solar customers are using less and less fossil-fuel burning electricity. In fact, the carbon emissions that we’ve helped avoid going into our environment is equivalent to planting 1.2 million trees a year.



From design and installation to monitoring and maintenance, SunEnergy only works with qualified consultants and accredited system designers and technicians. Only the best, Clean Energy Council Approved Inverters and PV Modules go into your SunEnergy Solar system.

Custom Designed Solutions

Custom Designed Solutions

SunEnergy is not another one of those one-size-fits-all solar guys. Our experienced and knowledgeable Solar Consultants will measure, plan and design your solar solution that will directly address the energy needs of your family and your home.

Local Customer Support

Local Customer Support

Not only is your SunEnergy team ready to help – at any stage through your system being planned, designed and installed – we’re monitoring your home, ensuring your SunEnergy solar system is always performing… and saving you money.

Do you know how much money you could be saving?
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What empowerment are you looking for?

Residential solar solutions and nextGen battery storage solutions right through to commercial scale solar systems.
Every building, home or business… empowered by SunEnergy.

  • I hardly had any questions, because they answered the questions that normal people would have. I’ve got no problem recommending them to anybody. Linda – Windsor Gardens, SA
  • The guys at sun energy just seemed very confident in what they’re doing, and confident in their product. There was no pressure – you make the decision in your own time. Ashley – Globe Derby, SA
  • The pay as you save system was perfect for us, and for anyone that can’t afford to buy it outright, I highly recommend that this is the way to go. Paul – Sheidow Park, SA