It’s about helping you go solar, today.

SunEnergy is all about empowering Australians.

By that we mean giving all Aussie home owners, like you, an affordable, efficient, sustainable and long-term solution to combat spiraling energy costs.

It’s win win. Investing in SunEnergy solar puts control of energy bills back into the hands of Australians plus, at the same time, is helping them protect the environment for their family, wider community’s and our planet.

100%, we’re a quality company.

That includes globally industry-leading – and storage battery ready – solar panel technologies. That’s absolutely guaranteed confidence so home owners can trust the fact they’ll control their power consumption well into the future.

Yes, we talk a lot about making solar energy affordable for everyone.

But we don’t stop once you’ve switched. Our support team also goes on: with advice, answers, monitoring and maintenance, right alongside you… until you own your solar system outright, and energy bills are history.

There’s one great thing that drives who we are as people and as a company.
We’re making all the benefits of solar energy available to anyone.

Giving you the opportunity to switch to solar, that’s been out of reach. That’s our solar squad’s motivation. You. That’s why we’ll stay right alongside you until you’re installed, switched, saving and beyond. That’s when delighted customers tell their friends, everyone wins.

Being one Australia’s most experienced Solar companies underlines our absolute belief in our solar system and your trust in us. Over 30 years industry experience. 70,000 systems installed, Australia wide. Guaranteed global quality and highly efficient systems, second to none.

At the very heart of it all, Sun Energy is about making life better for you.

Your family. Your home. Your planet. And you… all empowered by Sun Energy.

Take your next solar step with SunEnergy, now.

Core values

Proudly Australian

We are all about making solar more than just a dream for everyday Australians. But achievable and, most importantly, affordable. We’ve already helped Australians across the country get off the electricity price escalator… and onto clean, free solar.

Pay As You Save

With P.A.Y.S., what you’re already spending on power bills, helps pay for your system. What you save on your electricity bill covers your monthly repayments so you’re cash flow positive from day one. Once it’s completely paid off all the savings are yours.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar is clean energy. Our solar customers are using less and less fossil-fuel burning electricity. In fact, the carbon emissions that we’ve helped avoid going into our environment is equivalent to planting 1.2 million trees a year.

Accredited Suppliers

From design and installation to monitoring and maintenance, SunEnergy’s consultants, technicians and electricians are all certified compliant while SunEnergy systems are Solar PV accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia.

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What our customers say

SunEnergy have helped everyday Australians just like you.