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Pay As You Save

Make the switch to an energy-efficient home.

Our mission is to empower every Australian with a choice over their energy future. Start saving on your energy bills with our range of energy efficient products such as Solar, Home Batteries and EV Chargers.

Pay as you save

Make the switch to an energy-efficient home.

Our mission is to empower every Australian with a choice over their energy future. Start saving on your energy bills with our range of energy efficient products such as Solar, Home Batteries, Hot Water Systems, Heat Pumps and EV Chargers.

SunEnergy Solar

Now you can afford our energy efficiency solutions!

Find out what to look for and avoid when buying energy-efficient solutions for your home like solar and more.

There’s no need for Solar panels to be an expensive investment with our Pay As You Save instalment program. EV chargers and batteries also make a big impact on your ability to save money and budget your finances.

With SunEnergy, you have the option to pay on an instalment basis helping you save money. We simply redirect what you would waste on paying energy utility bills and using this to finance your solar, home battery or EV Charger. Plus, our products contribute to a greener and cleaner Australia!


Investing in energy-efficient products for your home can be surprisingly affordable with our $0 deposit program.


With our energy-efficient solutions like solar, you can ultimately generate a free electricity from the sun and significantly reduce your electricity bill right away.


Your fixed repayments* will be designed to likely cost less than your current electricity costs from fossil fuels, saving you money.


With solar you can maximize your savings and sell your excess power back to your electricity retailer for a financial benefit through what's called a feed-in tariff.

* Terms and Conditions Apply – Please contact SunEnergy on 1800 786 765 for details. Pay As You Save customers will receive an electricity bill from their electricity retailers in addition to their fortnightly repayments plus associated fees. DISCLAIMER: Feed in tariffs vary between consumers electricity retailer. An electricity bill decreasing immediately is dependent on a consumers energy usage being the same or less than before going solar.

Solar Finance Options

SunEnergy has partnered with leading financiers like Brighte, Latitude and Humm to offer affordable finance plans. If the high upfront investment is discouraging you from switching to solar, we can make it more affordable and accessible.

Contact SunEnergy today to know more about our PAYS program and other financing options you’re eligible for.

How PAYS Works*

Tailored Solution

A SunEnergy Solar Consultant will work with you to discover exactly how you use your energy to plan and design the right solar system, and the best energy-efficient products for your family and home.

Finance Qualification

Our knowledgeable financial consultants will review your eligibility and create a finance repayment plan tailored to suit your budget. Our goal is to help you reach your short-term and long-term financial goals.


Highly experienced, certified and accredited Clean Energy Council technicians will install your system with care and precision. Then, they’ll take time to run you through the basics of the system and answer any questions.

Saving Starts

Reduce your electricity costs and become more environmentally friendly. Take advantage of selling your excess power back to your retailer. With the right system in place, you can enjoy the savings of solar energy for many years.

See how much solar can save you

On average, what does a quarterly power bill look like in your household?

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When you install a solar system, technically, you’re only able to realize savings on your electricity bills after recovering your investment on the solar system. But with our PAYS program, you can start saving from day one as there is $0 upfront investment.

    You can contact SunEnergy to learn more about the finance options we offer. Our Solar Consultants can provide all the required details, including the eligibility criteria for our finance plans.

    SunEnergy offers a unique PAYS program that has $0 deposit and low repayments. We also offer other flexible and affordable payment plans with partners Brighte, Humm and Latitude.

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