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Introducing SmartEase: The Smart Way to Savings and Sustainability

At SunEnergy, we are committed to making energy efficiency an easy choice for businesses. That’s why we’ve partnered with SmartEase to offer innovative payment solutions for a wide range of energy-efficient equipment.

Why Choose SmartEase?

From solar panels and storage systems to LEDs and more, SmartEase empowers you to start saving instantly and take control of your energy costs. It’s the smart way to achieve sustainability and financial benefits for your business.

Get on Top of Costs

Take control of your energy expenses and give your business certainty over future costs. With SmartEase, you can gain control over unpredictable bills and enjoy financial stability.

$0 Upfront Investment

We understand that upfront costs can be a barrier for businesses. That's why SmartEase offers payment plans with $0 upfront payment. Choose a plan and instalment option that suits you, and start enjoying immediate savings without any financial burden.

Better for Cash Flow

With SmartEase, savings on energy bills can make your equipment cash-flow positive instantly, so you can experience the financial benefits of energy efficiency without sacrificing your budget.

Fast and Easy Process

We value your time and have streamlined the application process for your convenience. Our simple online application allows for instant approval for transactions up to $150k*. Get started on your energy-saving journey without delay.

Great Value

At SunEnergy, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive payment solutions around. Our aim is to provide exceptional value, ensuring you receive optimal returns on your investment in energy-efficient equipment.

Lower Your Bills

Solar lowers your overall bills by lowering your energy bills. This is increased even more with a home battery storage system.

Unlock the Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Make the smart choice and partner with SunEnergy and SmartEase to achieve savings and sustainability for your business. Take control of your energy costs, improve cash flow, and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency. Our commitment to provide value and a seamless experience sets us apart in the industry.

Join us today and embark on a smart and sustainable energy journey with SunEnergy and SmartEase.

*Subject to terms and conditions.