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Solar Battery Bundles

Solar Battery Bundles

SunEnergy Solar Batteries
Solar Battery Bundles

Solar Made Simple and Affordable with SunEnergy’s Solar Battery Bundles

If you’re planning to equip your home with a solar system, you can either individually select the components or choose our carefully designed solar bundles. The solar bundles include solar panels, an inverter, and a battery storage system.

Like always, we’ll conduct an energy assessment of your home or commercial facility to understand your energy needs and choose the right solar bundle for your requirements.

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An increasing number of Australian households are considering a battery storage system to be energy independent. The battery system stores the excess electricity generated by your solar system for later use. So, rather than sending the excess electricity to the grid, the excess electricity will be stored in your battery storage system.

Equipping your home with a solar system that includes battery storage makes it possible to have greater control of your energy management. Our solar battery bundles include everything you’ll need to make this a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our solar bundles include solar PV panels, inverters, and battery storage systems. You’ll also receive a free energy assessment which enables us to understand your energy requirements and recommend the right bundle for your needs.
Yes, we are a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar retailer and offer professional solar system installation services. Our solar technicians follow all the quality and safety guidelines to ensure the whole process of switching to solar is quick and hassle-free.
The cost depends on the specifications of the products included in your bundle. We have transparent pricing policies and offer a unique PAYS (Pay-As-You-Save) finance program involving a $0 upfront investment.

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