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Solar & Battery On A Plan

Experience Energy Freedom without the Financial Burden!

Welcome to SunEnergy's innovative energy solution! We're transforming how Australians power their homes and businesses. Our unique offer lets you harness solar energy with no upfront costs or financing.

How It Works

SunEnergy solar battery installed

Zero-Cost Solar and Battery System

Enjoy the installation of a top-notch solar and battery system without any upfront cost or financing.

Significantly Lower Energy Bills

Partner with us and experience a considerable reduction in your electricity costs.

Fully Maintained System

We take care of all system maintenance throughout the entire agreement, ensuring seamless, efficient performance at no additional cost to you.

Blackout Protection

Our system includes a feature to keep your lights on during power outages. (Minimal fee applies)

Eco-Friendly Impact

Join the sustainable energy revolution and reduce your carbon footprint.
SunEnergy solar battery storage on home

What's the Catch?

There isn’t one! The idea is simple: you sign up for an energy plan with one of our partner retailers at significantly reduced rates. These partners fund the cost of the solar and battery system, taking advantage of market events to offer you these savings. This concept is akin to a mobile phone plan where you get the handset at no cost; here, you get a solar and battery system at no charge, and you pay for the energy you use at reduced rates.

Who Can Benefit?

This offer is open to homeowners, tenants with landlord permission and businesses in Australia. It’s perfect for those looking to cut energy costs and make an environmentally conscious choice.

Next Steps

Interested in taking advantage of this incredible offer? Contact us for a personalized assessment and quote. We’re here to help you join the sustainable energy movement effortlessly.


Pay as you save program by SunEnergy

Frequently Asked Questions

This unique program requires no financial outlay or financing for the solar and battery system. Instead, you enjoy reduced electricity rates through our partner energy plans.
The energy plan is designed to offer lower rates compared to standard grid prices. These plans are funded by our partners who utilize the solar and battery systems for market operations.
Comprehensive system maintenance and monitoring are part of the package, ensuring optimal performance at no extra cost.
Solar systems can increase your property’s value, offering an attractive feature to potential buyers if you decide to sell.
Yes, you have the flexibility to choose from our network of partner retailers, ensuring you always get the best deal.
The solar system can be a key selling point for your property, enhancing its market value. Additionally, options are available for system transfer or buyout.
We also provide battery-only solutions for homes and businesses that cannot install solar panels, enhancing your energy savings.
Yes, you can upgrade your system. We understand that your energy needs may change over time, and we offer flexible solutions to accommodate these changes. However, upgrades are subject to certain conditions and may involve adjustments to your energy plan.
In the rare event of a system failure or technical issue, SunEnergy provides prompt and efficient support. Our dedicated team will address any problems, ensuring minimal disruption to your energy supply. All repairs and necessary maintenance under the agreement are covered, so you can have peace of mind.
If you decide to change your energy plan, you can do so without any penalties. We offer flexibility to switch between partner energy retailers within our network. This allows you to always find the plan that best suits your needs while continuing to enjoy the benefits of the solar and battery system.
The agreement covers ongoing service and maintenance for 10 years. At any time you can choose to buy out the system at the depreciated value. If after 10 years you choose to continue with your plan, we will upgrade your battery and inverter, again at no cost. After 24 months you can exit the agreement without incurring any early exit fees.

For any further questions or detailed explanations, feel free to reach out to SunEnergy directly.