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Solar Mounting

solar mounting

Clenergy Solar Mounting Products in South Australia & Queensland

Global leading manufacturer in mounting systems that assists installers to mount solar to a wide range of different roofs with ease.

‘Clenergy believes in pushing boundaries, adhering to a higher standard, and constantly striving towards a sustainable future.’

Clenergy’s mounting system give you the sense of security and strength knowing that the frame for your solar panels, is built to last.’


Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us for a free, no-obligation energy assessment. It’ll allow us to better understand your energy requirements, and based on the assessment, we can offer you a detailed proposal. It’ll include energy yield analysis, ROI calculation, and expected savings to help you better understand the benefits of switching to solar.
It depends on the size of the solar system ideal for your energy needs. While most businesses generally do have the required roof space, other alternatives like integrated PV and ground-mounted systems are also available.
SunEnergy offers a unique PAYS program that involves $0 upfront deposit and low fortnightly repayments. We also offer other flexible and affordable payment plans from financiers like Humm and Brighte.

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