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Australia’s solar solutions. World leading partners.

Our solution to spiralling energy costs is simple. We make generating your own power from your own rooftop affordable and reliable by partnering with industry leaders known for their technology, quality and after sale service.

Here’s your empowering solar solution, Australia.

SunEnergy sets the standard with Solar PV solutions. From industry-leading quality tech across Panels, Inverters and Batteries, you’re empowered by online App or PC monitoring with real-time fault alerts. Plus accredited local installation with technical support, online and onsite.


Canadian Solar – Our trusted flagship panel with proven results

  • Latest Technology – Poly, Mono, PERC & Split-Cell Options
  • Insurance-Backed Warranty – 10 Year Product / 25 Year Linear Performance
  • High Cell Efficiency – 18.96%
  • Canadian Company – Established in 2001 in Ontario, Canada
  • Local Support – Australian Head Office in Cremorne, VIC
  • Global Success – Customers in over 150 countries globally
  • Tier 1 – A global leading manufacturer of solar PV modules & solar energy solutions
GoodWe DNS Inverter Pearl White

Goodwe Inverter – A powerhouse of value & reliability

  • Cutting edge research & technology development
  • Incredible extended warranty options
  • Lowest start-up voltage for improved production window
  • Online portal for monitoring and fault reporting
  • 10 safety measures
  • Fan-less build – Low noise & no moving parts
  • IP65 Dust and Waterproof

Q-Cells Solar Panel – European engineering at its finest

  • Cells designed and engineered in Germany
  • Exclusive world leading Q.Antum technology
  • Monocrystalline
  • 12 Year Product & 25 Year Linear Performance Warranty
  • Highly Efficient with ≥18.6% Cell Efficiency
  • Secure company with rich history established in 1952
  • Local Support – Australian Head Office in Sydney, NSW

SolarEdge – The ultimate optimised solar solution for any conditions

  • Individual panel optimisation and monitoring
  • Unlimited panel layout and design capabilities for complex roofs
  • Superior Efficiency (97.6%) & Smart Energy Management Control
  • IP65 Rated – Indoor and outdoor install
  • Local Support – Australian Head Office in Collingwood, VIC


  • Australia’s first SMART panel with built-in optimisers
  • 12 Year Product & 25 Year Linear Performance Warranty
  • Industry leading Panel Efficiency (18.3%)

Talk to us about SunEnergy Solutions, Panels, Inverters & Battery Storage

Supplied. Installed. Connected. Empowered.

SunEnergy will supply and install high quality Solar Panels, Inverters and Solar Batteries. With approved finance, your SunEnergy solar system will be installed by certified and accredited electrical technicians. Friendly and informative service helps empower you with assurance and peace of mind.

Trusted Brands

You can tell a brand by the company it keeps. And SunEnergy’s partners are world class leaders.


How SunEnergy Solar works, empowering your life.

Solar power is a clean, green, renewable energy source that you generate from your own home. Just install a solar power system on your roof and begin producing your own electricity while the sun shines.

  1. Sun shining onto the solar panels on your roof produce Direct Current (DC) electricity.
  2. This DC electricity is transmitted from the solar panels (modules) to an inverter, converting the DC electricity to Alternating Current (AC).
  3. The AC electricity is transmitted to your home’s distribution system, supplying electric power as required throughout the daylight hours.
  4. During non-sunlight hours, if you do not have battery storage, you will use normal electricity from the grid.
  5. With a SunEnergy Battery Storage system, that solar-generated electricity can be stored at your home, and used when there’s no sunlight.
  6. Excess electricity that’s not used during the day, while you are at work or school is fed back into the power grid.

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If you can pay your electricity bill, you can afford solar with P.A.Y.S.

Our ‘Pay As You Save’ program has opened the door for so many more homes and businesses to go solar without the stress of large deposits and high repayments.

Call 1800 786 765 today or Apply Online.

How P.A.Y.S. Empowers You

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

A SunEnergy Solar Consultant will work with you to discover exactly how you use your energy to plan and design the right solar system for your family and home.

Finance Qualification

Finance Qualification

Our friendly financial consultants will check your eligibility and establish a finance repayment plan that’s comfortably affordable for your household.



Highly experienced, certified and accredited Clean Energy Council technicians will install your system with care and precision. Then, they’ll take time to run you through the basics of the system and answer any questions.

Empowered Savings

Empowered Savings

Your bill will reduce from Day 1, using solar power from the sun and selling your excess power to your retailer.

Enquire now and start saving money on your energy bills

What our customers say

SunEnergy have helped everyday Australians just like you.

  • “Was such an easy process from start to finish. Any queries were dealt with promptly. The installation team were excellent and took the time to work through the installation with me. They made sure the set up was the best that could be done at the site, maximising the output of the system. Really positive experience all round.” Travis How on Google Reviews
  • “I hardly had any questions, because they answered the questions that normal people would have. I’ve got no problem recommending them to anybody.” Linda – Windsor Gardens, SA
  • “Update – Just received our first “solar only” power bill and we’re $100 in credit, I thought the solar would just offset our usage and not actually make money – it was the first time a power bill has been a nice surprise! Jon’s a legend, took the time to talk me through every aspect of solar power for a rookie like me. I had the most basic of knowledge but knew solar was an easy way forward (we use about 7KW per day), so when their call centre cold-called me it was simply good timing. Knowing their local and not overseas was reassuring, and they had various packages to suit, from basic supplementary solar to producing enough to put back into the grid and pave the way for a battery system in future. Their instal team were super friendly and walked me through the iPhone app so I can monitor the progress, it’s now summer and we’re producing approx. 30KW on sunny days.” Mark Tipple on Google Reviews
  • “The guys at SunEnergy just seemed very confident in what they’re doing, and confident in their product. There was no pressure – you make the decision in your own time.” Ashley – Globe Derby, SA
  • “The pay as you save system was perfect for us, and for anyone that can’t afford to buy it outright, I highly recommend that this is the way to go.” Paul – Sheidow Park, SA